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5 Steps To An Eco Easter!

5 steps to an eco Easter!

If the Easter Bunny is planning to hop into your home this Easter then you’ll know, as well as chocolate, there’ll plenty of packaging to contend with.  

But it can be difficult to know what can be popped into your household recycling and what shouldn’t be.  

So here’s our five steps to helping clear up any confusion – and make it a very hoppy Easter with J&B Recycling this year.  

1.      Foiled plan  

The good news is that once you have chomped through the choccy that the pretty aluminium foil wrappers can be put into your household recycling. Just make sure it’s clean before you pop it in and not scrunched up so it’s less than 45mm in diameter as this makes it difficult for machinery to sort. 

2.      Boxed off  

It seems the packaging gets bigger each year – and the eggs smaller!   

The good news is that cardboard boxes can be put straight into your household recycling – but beware! The plastic inserts – used to display and also to protect the egg – do need to be separated from the box before you do place them both into the recycling bin.   

3.      Flatten it  

Remember to flatten boxes to create space in your recycling bin. And don’t place other recycling items inside of boxes as they can get hidden and contaminate the cardboard recovered.    

4.      Fish Friday!  

It’s a Christian tradition to avoid meat and eat fish on Good Friday. But if you plump for a chippy tea, can the paper that’s replaced traditional newspaper wrap be popped into your recycling bin? In short, no. That’s because it absorbs grease and odours, rendering it no good for recycling firms such as ours. One for the general waste bin.  

5.      Get crafty  

Easter crafts are a lovely way to spend time with little ones over the break. Why not save the brightly coloured foils and card for crafty projects? A quick Google for inspiration is all you need to get cracking! 

For more tips and information on household recycling please visit our website: 

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