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Welcome to Publicity Seekers. 

We communicate what’s great about your business in a range of different ways, through print, broadcast and online media, as well as events and networking. Whoever you’re aiming to target, Publicity Seekers will use its knowledge and expertise to get you there.

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Address: 16-26 Albert North, Middlesbrough, TS1 1PR

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“Advertising is you saying you’re great, PR is having someone else say it for you…”

What is the PR Boost Package for?

  • Attract and retain staff ​
  • Launch a new service or product ​
  • Raise your company profile ​
  • Attract new clients​
  • Attract investors​
  • Give confidence to existing clients, investors and stakeholders​
  • Providing independent organic content and external links ​
  • Profiling-raising before an event or expo ​
  • Valuable material to add to award submissions

Why do it?

80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus and advertisement

93% of B2B buying processes begin with an online search

B2B researchers do 12 searches on average prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site

88% of job hunters will research a company online before deciding whether to work for them

Why use us?

For the past 13 years Publicity Seekers has been achieving credible profiling for its clients on a consistent basis, by taking their stories and telling them through the best and most relevant news sites, radio stations, industry newsletters, podcasts, vlogs, TV stations and social media groups. ​

Our professional journalist-trained talented content creators understand our clients’ business objectives, their audiences and their message. ​

Our PR Boost Project takes a specific objective and communicates it through the best channels for you. Gaining maximum exposure in a 60-day turn around, with an unrivalled media coverage record.

The 60-Day Process​

Who you are: ​

·      What is your company all about? ​
·      What are your goals? ​
·      What are your challenges? ​
·      What are your audiences? ​
·      What stories do you have to tell? ​

Action planning:

·      Media list ​
·      Social media identification ​
·      Competitor analysis ​
·      Influencers and enablers ​
·      Storyboarding ​
·      Industry communication intelligence ​
·      Exposure rankings ​
·      Story placing ​

Content gathering: ​

·      Photoshoots ​
·      Video
·      Social media graphics and posts ​
·      Features ​
·      Case Studies ​
·      Testimonials ​
·      Opinion pieces ​
·      Podcasts ​
·      You Tube channels ​
·      TV & Radio

Promo generation: 

·      Contacting journalists ​
·      Bloggers ​
·      Podcast hosts
·      Network owners ​
·      Online news sites ​
·      Industry newsletters ​
·      Industry Bodies

Reporting: ​

·      Collating links ​
·      Social media interaction ​
·      Online media ​
·      Press coverage ​
·      Video Views ​
·      Overall reach


Our commitment

PR is marketing that gives credibility. So how do we measure credibility? While it’s hard to make guarantees on a project we’ve not yet seen, experience tells us we can confidently promise the following outcomes for your PR Boost Project

  • Minimum of 10 opportunities to be seen by your target audiences​
  • ROI: We guarantee a minimum of ​3 x your investment in advertising value equivalent​
  • A relevant media target list of at least 20 industry news outlets your story will be sent to​

Our Supporters:



“For the past 3 years of working with Publicity Seekers they have gone above and beyond. Helping us talk to medical companies across the world through social media, and keeping our profile high with many, many award wins for our work.”

 ​Alby Pattison MBE, Founder, Hart Biologicals





“Thanks to the tireless work Publicity Seekers has done for us for over 5 years, our profile and our reputation comes before us.” ​

Vikki Jackson Smith, CEO, J&B Recycling





“Publicity Seekers fitted seamlessly into our team from day one and brought real tangible benefits to our organisation. Culminating in us winning SME of the Year.” ​

Dan Robinson, Chairman, Gus Robinson Developments





“We were unsure about needing PR at first but since using Publicity Seekers our profile has gone through the roof. Our industry is constantly informed of our successes. They’re a great team and we have a great relationship with them.” ​

Kevin Byrne, Managing Director, Seymour Civil Engineering



Let’s start working together!

Having read through our PR Boost Project information, are any of the following applicable to you?​

  • Are you launching a new product or moving into a new sector?​
  • Are you trying to attract good staff?​
  • Do you wish to catch the attention of new customers or investors?​
  • Does your company need a profile boost?​

If the answer is yes to any of these then give us a call today and let’s start talking about your business. ​

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