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We communicate what’s great about your business in a range of different ways, through print, broadcast and online media, as well as events and networking. Whoever you’re aiming to target, Publicity Seekers will use its knowledge and expertise to get you there.

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PR Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

PR is for life, not just for Christmas

As the New Year is approaching, why not give your business the gift of Public Relations for 2019?

Not convinced? Let me persuade you.

PR is an indispensable tool in any company’s arsenal and if you are not maximising your company’s good name through the press, social media, newsletters, videos and your industry’s bodies and networks then make it your resolution.

January is a great time to put in place an effective PR plan for the following 12 months and to review the processes you’ve had in place for the previous year.

The market is constantly evolving and by taking time to stop and look at the things that are working and the those that aren’t it can help to identify exactly how to take your business to the next level.

Do you know what your competitors are doing? Do you see companies that you feel are inferior to yours getting all of the glory? Do you think you should be up there on stage on awards night and wonder why you didn’t find time to enter?

By working with a PR agency, it can help you to put in place a plan by using its expertise in research, communications and analysis.

At Publicity Seekers we offer a comprehensive audit of your customers, staff, competitors, issues within your market in line with your business goals.

From that we create a PR and marketing plan specifically designed for your business.

Understanding your customers and what platforms they get their information from is vital to not wasting money hopping from one marketing medium to another without really knowing what’s working.

So whether you’re experiencing a gap in client acquisition or whether you’re looking to take your business the next level by utilising media relations and social media campaigning to target potential customers and key industries, a PR agency can help.

The importance of tools such as social media should not be ignored in helping to reach your potential target markets.

More than 70% of all B2B companies use at least one of the “Big 4” social media sites which includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with 54% of B2B companies said they’ve generated leads from social media.

So, whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, by planning and setting clear objectives you can utilise communications channels to achieve your sales goals and increase brand exposure.

The ultimate goal in public relations is to enhance an organisation’s reputation and to increase its influence within its market and we feel as a company we can help your organisation achieve this goal.

There we have it. This festive season why not give your organisation the gift of public relations? Give us a call on 01429 874 555/0845 226 9126 and book an appointment with one of our media specialists for January so we can help get your business fired into the media spotlight.

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