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To Be Frank, We’re F***ing Done!

To be frank, we’re f***ing done!

First things first, I am f***ing done with our region not shouting about its successes. Every national story we see covering our towns and cities, paints a picture of depression, desolation and of course no story would be complete without a photo of someone smoking a dole-up outside the job centre.

I have had ENOUGH.

This blog is part of our #BrutallyHonestPR series and seriously you need to sit up and listen.

We have flourishing businesses, we are employing apprentices and young people, we have amazing charity events that are changing lives and most of all we have a regional spirit that will never be broken, no matter how many football matches we lose.

I cannot tell you how many businesses I go into where during an hour meeting I’ll sit there and take down notes about staff numbers, new work they’ve got on, which are all of course important things, but then all of a sudden during the last five minutes I’ll finally manage to crack the self-enforced business enigma code and hear about the absolute gems.

A new contract for an international brand, training programmes where every member of staff up-skills every six months, you’ve raised thousands for charity, you’ve just patented new technology – WHY AREN’T YOU TELLING PEOPLE THIS?

If you can’t sit back and realise you’re doing something good, then what is the f***ing point?

Realise its good, take control over it, own it, celebrate it and tell people about it.

Don’t give me the modest bullsh*t. Believe me, if there’s one thing we can learn from our American cousins its confidence.

Don’t think this is a plug for our services either, yes we’d love to work with you (to do a bloody good job of course) but please for the good of the region, start telling people about the brilliant things you’re doing and believe me you will start seeing the benefits.

Staff morale, better recruitment prospects, businesses wanting to work with you because they can see all the great things you’re doing, it’s really not a trap.

Try it for a month, post it on your social media channels, tell a journalist, put it in a staff newsletter, send round an email round-up about how things are going, just bloody tell someone and if all of us do this, maybe the region will start being seen for what we really are.

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